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United Kingdom(Great Britain)Greece


Assoc. Professor, School of Mathematics 
Faculty of Science
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Office #3, 3rd floor of the School of Mathematics and Physics Bldg.

Telephone: (+30) 2310 997958

My research is in using geometric and algebraic-topological methods in studying global dynamics and control. My education background in in Systems and Control Theory (MIT and Berkeley) and in Differential Geometry and Dynamics (Berkeley).

I am the Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies for the School of Mathematics. See this page for details of the programmes offered.

I am an ERASMUS Coordinator for the School of Mathematics. There is a University page for the ERASMUS programme here, and a School-level one here.

This is my main university page.
You will find here material about my Research and on the Courses I have taught.


AUTUMN 2019-20

Office Hours: Monday 10-11 and Tuesday 11-12, or by arrangement (email me).

Classical Differential Geometry I: Monday 11-1, Tuesday 12-2 and Thursday 12-1

Algebraic Topology: Thursday 10-11:30 and Friday 11-12:30

SPRING 2018-19

Analytic Geometry I: Monday 11-1 and Thursday 9-11

Differential Forms: Tuesday 11-1 and Thursday 1-2

Symplectic and Poisson Geometry: Friday 10-1

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